SCCM 2012 Inventory Documentation Script

You may find yourself in  a position where you’ve got to document the SCCM solution that you’ve just deployed. MVP, and PowerShell guru, David O’Brien has taken away the pain of the labourious hours that would be normally spent doing this and popped it all into a PowerShell script that takes minutes to run…..just don’t tell your boss!


The requirements to run the script are:

  • Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 (at least)
  • Powershell 3.0
  • installed ConfigMgr Admin GUI
  • read-access to the site
  • English installation of Microsoft Word

You can run this locally on the SCCM server or remotely. Personally I ran this on my laptop as I had Word installed there.

David has two flavours to available to download. SP1 and R2 releases. Both linked. Also take a look at the sample report.  Nice!

How to execute

Load PowerShell x86 as administrator on your system. Change directory to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin.


Run the command import-module .\ConfigurationManager.psd1 -verbose to import the Configuration Manager PowerShell cmdlets.



When the module has imported change to the folder location where the Inventory Documentation Script has been downloaded to and run the following command:

.\CM12_Inventory.ps1 -SMSProvider <FQDN> -Verbose


The script will start, Word will populate with data. Grab a coffee and your documentation  will be done when you get back. Enjoy!


For more details and many more PS scripts check out David’s blog. Very much recommended.


  1. Just a correction and this might just be for R2. The path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin. Great little write-up. Thanks!

  2. The SP2 version isn’t available for download, I was hoping to test this against a 1606 install as the one I had for 2012 R2 doesn’t work for 1606

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