Reporting Services Point – Server Instance Blank

I’ve helped with this issue a couple of times now so thought it would be ideal to blog.

Basically when running a remote SQL instance, and adding in the Reporting Services Point, the Reporting Services server instance is empty.


To resolve the problem ensure that the Reporting Services site role is installed on the SQL server and not the SCCM server.

In Administration workspace choose Site Configuration>Servers and Site System Roles. Right click the SQL server and choose Add Site System Roles. Continue the wizard and add the Reporting Services Point.

So long as the SQL services reporting is installed and configured on the SQL box you should be good to go


  1. In siteserver (SCCM)
    Under sql server 2012 -> configuration tools
    Open sqk server configuration manager->
    Sql server services ->
    Run all services an make it automatuc run

    Do this with sql server with same above step

    I was solve many times with many projects
    Good luck

  2. Hi Paul, I have followed your advice and installed the reporting services on to the SQL box, but when I open the Reports folder in the console, it is empty, when I try the URL in Reporting services configurations manager, it too is empty. (Both are empty)

    Is this a restart issue or a population issue?

    I am well and truly stuck, any advise at this point would be massively appreciated.



      1. Paul, Thanks for getting back to me. Yes I had already configured Reporting services, this is why I reached out. After reading someone elses comment that MS hadn’t seen this issue before, I decided to rebuild back to Server 2008 to see if that fixes the issue, if it does, I will work from there to resolve. If I get a fix for this issue, I’ll post here to help everyone out.

        Thanks again

  3. Hi Paul,

    My SQL server and reporting services are running on different windows server. I am not able to find the reporting services server instance while adding reporting role on sccm. Please help.

  4. Hi, I am having same issue, not able to find SSRS. My SCCM app and SQL Server are on different servers. Trying to add the role on my SQLServer from SCCM console but the SSRS field is empty and the error is same as in snapshot

      1. Yes, SCCM computer object is added in Administrators group on SSRS server, and the account using is already member of local administrators group

  5. Hi, I am having same issue as above snapshot. My SCCM is 2203 and SQL Server 2019 & SSRS2019. SCCM and SQL server are on separate server. Trying to install role on SQL Server from SCCM console but SSRS field is empty.

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