Unable to unpublish App-V 5 packages with AppData redirected – Update 3 – The Final Update!

I’ve been championing this issue for a while on the blog and reported it way back in October last year. The fact that App-V 5.0 can’t unpublish packages successfully when the AppData\Roaming is redirected to the network

This is not an issue that’s isolated to SCCM, the problem can be replicated when running the unpublish command in PowerShell.

App-V 5.0 SP2 introduced folder redirection support but still the issue was not resolved.

The temporary fix was to give domain computers access to the AppData\Roaming folder to allow them to have the rights to unpublish. Messy and not the best option from a security standpoint.

Well I’m glad to announce Microsoft has looked into the issue and will be implementing the fix in App 5.0 SP2 CU1. No news on release date for the cumulative update but I will be reporting on the SCCMentor blog and testing, as soon as it is released. Also check out my posts on the WMUG website




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