Deploying a Windows Store app to a Windows 10 phone via MDM in ConfigMgr

Intune via ConfigMgr allows you to easily deploy out Windows Store applications to Windows 10 phone devices. When pushing out these apps via the type ‘Windows Phone app package (in the Windows Phone Store)’, a link is created to the app in the store, taking the user directly to the app to allow install.

The steps to achieve this are highlighted here.

Go to the Windows store for phone apps and search for the app you wish to deploy to devices. Copy the URL as you will need this when configuring the app.

2017-03-14 23_07_08-Fitbit – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store.jpg

In the ConfigMgr console navigate to the Software Library workspace and go to the Application Management>Applications node. Right click and choose ‘Create Application’.

In the Create Application wizard select the type ‘Windows Phone app package (in the Windows Phone Store)’ and paste in the URL of the app in the Location field.

2017-03-14 23_08_11-Create Application Wizard.jpg

The application information will be imported

2017-03-14 23_08_16-Create Application Wizard.jpg

Enter any app information and click through the wizard.

2017-03-14 23_08_25-Create Application Wizard.jpg


When the application has been created, right click it and choose ‘Deploy’

2017-03-14 23_09_07-Greenshot.jpg

Select the collection to deploy to, in this case I am deploying to all my Intune users.

2017-03-14 23_09_17-Deploy Software Wizard.jpg

You won’t be able to distribute to DP’s for this app.

2017-03-14 23_09_21-Deploy Software Wizard.jpg

I’m making the app available to users.

2017-03-14 23_09_24-Deploy Software Wizard.jpg

Soon after the app will become available in the Company Portal on the Windows 10 phone.


Selecting the app will open the app details window and a link to ‘View in Windows Store’ will be enabled.


Tapping the button will open the Windows Store directly at the app. Selecting the ‘Get’ button will download and install the app on the device.




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