All Software Updates expired after SUP reinstall

After a re-install of WSUS and SUP on a ConfigMgr site server you may find yourself in a position whereby all the Software Updates are listed as expired. Not to worry this is easily resolved.

How can you tell the updates are expired?

Quite simple, the icon next to the updates will show a X in it, and if you attempt to download an update you will get a message telling you the update has expired.

2017-05-12 09_49_39-Greenshot.jpg

You need to re-sync the updates to get them back into a healthy state. If you run a custom schedule, however, you will get the following message in the wsyncmgr.log file on your site server.

Skipping Delete Expired Update relations since this is not a scheduled sync

2017-05-12 10_28_25-Configuration Manager Trace Log Tool - [C__Program Files_Microsoft Configuration.jpg

Therefore a simple schedule is required. To set this, go to the Administration workspace and navigate to Overview > Site Configuration > Sites. Right click the site and select Configure Site Components > Software Update Point.

2017-05-12 10_59_04-Greenshot.jpg

Since we want to get the updates back in a healthy state as quickly as possible, in the Sync Schedule tab change the Simple schedule to 1 Hour. Remember to change the schedule back to the original settings after you have implemented the fix.

2017-05-12 10_59_16-Software Update Point Component Properties.jpg

Note that on my first run I had cleared down all the classifications from the Classifications tab and the following appeared in the wsyncmgr.log.

All updates are expired, skipping the delete of update relations till first sync.

If you have classifications selected this will not affect you but’s worth noting.

2017-05-12 11_03_12-Configuration Manager Trace Log Tool - [C__Program Files_Microsoft Configuration.jpg

After classifications were chosen, the next sync started one hour later and updates synchronised.

2017-05-12 12_00_47-Configuration Manager Trace Log Tool - [C__Program Files_Microsoft Configuration.jpg

and the updates were back in a healthy state within the ConfigMgr console.

2017-05-12 13_08_00-Greenshot.jpg


  1. Hours of searching and making no progress. An article that is almost 5 y/o just brought me from the full blown panic mode to a calmed state. Now I can just monitor the wsyncmgr.log and wait for the 7500+ updates I need to resync.

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