Tenant Attach extras #4 – Timeline

In the final look at the cool new Tenant Attach features, which have been introduced in Technical Preview 2005, I’m taking a quick look at Timeline.

The device timeline is a great visual representation of events on a Windows 10 device. Thirty days of historical information is available and event data is sent up to Tenant Attach once per day.

You’ll get information on Windows Updates, application deployment, app crashes, kernel crashes etc. For a complete list of the event types collected click here.


You’ll need Tenant Attach up and running. Follow that blog post first to get yourself in a good shape.

You’ll also need:

  • One of the following browsers:
    • Microsoft Edge v77 or later
    • Google Chrome
  • A user account discovered with AAD and Active Directory user discovery (see the Tenant Attach blog post for details on AAD user discovery).

The following permissions are required for this cool feature to operate:

  • Read permissions on the device’s collection in ConfigMgr
  • Read Resource permission under Collection in ConfigMgr,
  • Added as an admin user in the Configuration Manager Microservice application in Azure AD.

To become a admin user in the Configuration Manager Microservice application search for Enterprise Applications in the Azure Portal.

Under All applications, you’ll see the Configuration Manager Microservice. Click on the application.

Click the 1. Assign users and groups box.

Click the Add user link and add in an account or group of users you wish to assign admin user access.

Accessing the Timeline

In the ConfigMgr console, go to \Assets and Compliance\Overview\Devices and right click a device which has been uploaded via the Tenant Attach process.

Select Start\Admin Center Preview.

Authenticate with the account which has been assigned the access as an admin user.

When the Admin Center loads up highlighting the particular device you selected in the ConfigMgr console, click Timeline. You’ll see data populate.

This device, for example, has recently installed a Window Update.

By clicking on the event in the list of records, we are able to see further details in the top right hand corner of the console. Here we can see the exact update which has been installed.

Remember, Timeline is Tech Preview only at the moment, but hopefully we’ll see this hit the main release with CM 2006.

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