Change WSUS Port

When attempting to add the Software Update point role to a SCCM server recently I noticed that the WSUS server was running on the same port as the rest of the SCCM components. It’s best practice that when installing WSUS that you pick another port other than port 80 as this will conflict with SCCM. The recommendation is to use port 8530.

Rather than uninstall WSUS and starting again you can get around the problem if you do the following:

Open a command prompt. Go to the folder “c:\program files\update services\tools” execute the following command wsusutil usecustomwebsite true.

This will remove the existing WSUS components from the default web site and create a WSUS Administration site in IIS Manager and change the port to 8530

‘C:\>cd “Program Files\Update Services\Tools”

C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools>wsusutil usecustomwebsite true
Using port number: 8530′


You can now continue to install the Software Update point and configure it to use the 8530 port.

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