Removing all cached App-V 5.0 packages from a device

At times you may wish to remove all the cached App-V packages from a device to reclaim space or even to troubleshoot an issue. To do this enter the following commands in PowerShell as an administrator

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned   – click Yes when prompted

Get-AppvClientPackage -All | Remove-AppVClientPackage


  1. Hi SCCMentor,

    I am a beginner/amature to App-V 5.0 sp 3.
    Currently we just implemented this in our environment over Xen environment. (Xen center 6.5 along with XD 7.6)
    we want to achieve the App-v environment fully, also currently we havent integrated it with SCCM.
    we are few issues and seeking help related to few issues.
    1 . while un-publishing the app frm Management console , we still see the app listed under app-v client also a cached copy of app (SID) under the VFS folder at client machine.
    so either we need to restart the IIS or need to logoff n login back to machine, which is very annoying.
    Also experienced that at times when an app is unpublished , then shortcut over the client still appears though it doesnt work. However as soon as we re-publish the app, post updating the client , app can be accessed frm the client machine. (strange as why doesnt un-publishing works here ??)

    2. Also post publishing the app via Mgmt console, while clicking on the shortcut on client machine, it takes a bit longer time to download/ run the app ?any fix for this, as it shud appear thn n there , rather than user letting know abt the app being published..

    Kindly share your expert thought abt it.


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