Creating a boot.wim file for SCCM 2012 SP1 and R2 using Windows ADK

Since SP1 was installed I’ve been unable to update the boot.wim file to the distribution point.

Every time I try to update I get the error:

  • Failed to inject a ConfigMgr driver into the mounted WIM file

So to get around the issue I decided it was time to create a new boot.wim file and upload.

To do this start Deployment Tools Command Line as Administrator.


In this instance I was creating a x64 boot.wim and the command to run for this was COPYPE.CMD amd64 c:\WINPE64\


Here are all the commands for the different architectures:

COPYPE.CMD amd64 c:\WINPE64\

Execute the command.


Once run, navigate to the c:\WINPE64\media\sources folder and copy the boot.wim to a share for use with SCCM.


In the SCCM console go to the Software Library workspace. Open Operating Systems>Boot Images. Right click and choose ‘Add Boot Image’.


Select the location of the boot.wim file and click Next.


Enter a name for the boot image and click Next. Continue through the wizard to completion.


Once complete distribute the boot image to a DP.


Ensure you select ‘Deploy this boot image from the PXE enable distribution point’ from the boot image properties.



  1. hi Paul,

    when i tried to add a new boot image using the instruction above i got an error of “only maximum compression supported”

    can you please advise?

    thank you

      1. hi Paul,

        Thank you for your response.

        I was using SCCM 2012 SP 1 and ADK 8.1 for Windows 8.1 deployment.

      2. There are some caveats when using ADK 8.1 with SP1. Windows deployment is only supported with CU3 installed and ADK 8.1 cannot be installed on the site server. Not sure if these are part of your problem or not but worth checking as a first port of call.

  2. still getting the same error message “The specified file is invalid. Only maximum compression type is supported” when I created the wim file with ADK 8.1 from my local machine (run as admin).

    SCCM SP 1 CU 4

      1. Edy,

        Ideally for 8.1 deployment I would use R2 however MS does support deployment from SP1 CU3 onwards. It requires some work to achieve this, such as hosting ADK 8.1 on a seperate box (SP1 -ADK 8.0 & R2 – ADK 8.1 hence why I asked what versions you were running). Take a look at Niall Brady’s blog on the subject here and the official blog here Hopefully these should get you up and running if you don’t have the luxury to upgrade to R2 yet.


    I USED SERVER 2008 R2 + SQL 2012+ADK 8.0+SCCM_SP1 RTM

  4. Hi there. I’ve been banging my head for a couple weeks trying to fix a problem after upgrading my sccm from sp1 to R2. My apologies if this is not the right forum.

    Issue: Software packages not getting distribute during Task Sequences.

    I have a single site with two DPs that were upgraded to sccm2012 R2 and then with CU3
    The upgrade process ran smoothly but now I am having an issue with software packages in task sequences. Ever since after the upgrade, none of the software packages,with the exception of the Configmgr client, are getting deployed on a TS. I looked at the DPs and the packages content has been distributed. When imaging computers, task sequences successfully run go up to the OS Installation and the configmgr client tasks. What is interesting is the the packages are available on the Software Center, even on the recently imaged computers (the ones that didn’t get the packages installed during he TS).

    I appreciate any help.

  5. Hi,
    In Add Boot Image Wizard windows, I given the path of Boot.WIM file , but I am not getting the Boot Image. I gone the same step what you mentioned above. May I know the reason why i am not getting the boot image >

  6. Was the problem solved?
    I have the same problem after the R2 update (+KB 2905002 +KB 2907591)

    Cannot add new boot.wim and TS does not install packages after the ConfigMgr installation step.
    Everything was working before R2 upgrade.

    I created new boot.wim which I was able add correctly in the second R2 lab environment but this one does not work.

  7. Hi,

    I receive this error:

    Error: Data Source Information
    . Source Location: \\srvccmdb\software\boot file\boo.wim
    . Boot Image: 1 – Microsoft windows PE(X64)

    Error: Package Information
    . Namew: Boot

    Error: Errors
    . The specified file can not be imported. Make sure the file is not read only and you have read and write access to it.

    I print screen but i can not add the image here in the forum

  8. Is this when adding the boot image to Configmgr? I’m sure it’s a typo but is the file name correct? Does the ConfigMgr site server computer have access to the location? Also switch off your AV or add an exclusion and try again.

    1. I start to deploy the operating system Windows 7, I need to create a boot.wim, so that when I create the boo.wim on windows AIK, it creates the file but when I add in sccm of me error.

      when I file sharing, assigns all administrative privileges.

  9. I created exceptions in AV over yet me the error.

    for me to start making the operating system deployment have to configure the boot.wim mandatory?

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