Remote Management Point reporting critical in Site Status

I was recently working on a problem whereby a remote Management Point was reporting as critical in the ConfigMgr console, although clients were successfully connected and being served policy.

The following errors were occurring in the sitestat.log file:

‘Warn>: The Site Object “[“Display=\\<MP>\<share>$\SMS\”]MSWNET:[“SMS_SITE=***”]\\<MP>\<share>$$\SMS\” on “[“Display=\\<MP>\”]MSWNET:[“SMS_SITE=***”]\\<MP>\” has not been accessable for 168 hours. It will be deleted. The role of the site object is’

The issue related to a GPO controlling the following setting:

“Network Access : Remotely accessible registry paths and sub-paths” under “Computer configuration\ Windows Settings\ Securiry Settings\ Local Policies \ Security Options”

The GPO was enabled and only certain registry keys were allowed. Therefore the remote site system did not have access to the ‘Software\Microsoft\SMS’ registry key and its sub-paths.

Once this key was added to the GPO setting and a gpupdate /force was run on the remote Management Point the site status soon changed to healthy for that server.

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