SendResourceRequest() failed with 0x80072ee2, Retrying download… ConfigMgr 2007

Whilst the ConfigMgr community goes Configuration Manager 1511 crazy, what better than ignore all the frenzy and delve into the world of our old trusty friend, ConfigMgr 2007.

I’ve recently been working on a issue whereby clients were failing to get content from two new distribution points that had been introduced to this particular CM07 environment.

The following errors were spotted in the smsts.log files on devices attempting to get content for a Task Sequence to install Internet Explorer 11.

‘WinHttp credentials set InstallSoftware         5372 (0x14FC)

socket ‘connect’ failed; 8007274c              InstallSoftware      5372 (0x14FC)

sending with winhttp failed; 80072ee2   InstallSoftware       5372 (0x14FC)

SendResourceRequest() failed with 0x80072ee2               InstallSoftware         5372 (0x14FC)

Retrying download…      InstallSoftware         5372 (0x14FC)’

The datatransferservice.log reported the following back:

‘Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 405, status ‘Method Not Allowed’          DataTransferService               01/12/2015 08:37:57              3932 (0x0F5C)

GetDirectoryList_HTTP(‘https://<DP>/NOCERT_SMS_DP_SMSPKGD$/<PackageID>/c2e618ae-4545-47dd-9820-ab42e4e6455c&#8217;) failed with code 0x8004027e.     DataTransferService               01/12/2015 08:37:57              3932 (0x0F5C)

Non-recoverable error retrieving manifest (0x8004027e).   DataTransferService               01/12/2015 08:37:57              3932 (0x0F5C)’

The clients eventually gave up attempting to grab the content and moved over to healthier DP’s.

‘UpdateURLWithTransportSettings(): OLD URL – http://<HealthyDP>/SMS_DP_SMSPKGF$/<PackageID>/c2e618ae-4545-47dd-9820-ab42e4e6455c            DataTransferService               01/12/2015 08:37:57              3932 (0x0F5C)

UpdateURLWithTransportSettings(): NEW URL – https://<DP&gt;:443/SMS_DP_SMSPKGF$/<PackageID>/c2e618ae-4545-47dd-9820-ab42e4e6455c DataTransferService               01/12/2015 08:37:57              3932 (0x0F5C)

DTSJob {028E586E-CEAA-4DA4-A0CF-FF4E641C8483} switched to location ‘https://<DP&gt;:443/SMS_DP_SMSPKGF$/<PackageID>/c2e618ae-4545-47dd-9820-ab42e4e6455c’.                DataTransferService               01/12/2015 08:37:57              3932 (0x0F5C)

DTSJob {028E586E-CEAA-4DA4-A0CF-FF4E641C8483} in state ‘DownloadingManifest’.     DataTransferService               01/12/2015 08:37:57                3992 (0x0F98)’

This narrowed the problem down to HTTP errors and Web Dav. Looking at the IIS logs on the DP’s, all request for content were met with the 405 error.

‘2015-12-02 23:46:48 <DP IP> PROPFIND /NOCERT_SMS_DP_SMSPKGD$/<PackageID>/e4a30a86-3a73-4103-b93f-850630a3dce4 – 443 <domain>\<device>$ <IP> SMS+CCM 405 0 0 202’

Checking the configuration on IIS, and in particular the handler mappings on the package share of the unhealthy DPs, did not match what was set on working DPs.

Unhealthy DP:


Healthy DP:


After setting the Handler Mappings to replicate the healthy DPs, content was reachable on the new DPs and clients were able to request without issue.


  1. Good day! Thank you for the articles! I am new to SCCM and we are using 2007! The past week i applied the Windows 10 Compatibility patch/hotfix… I have a test collection of Windows10 machines but the issue is with wua! I looked for the hotfix that will help update the wua on the windows machines but i could not find one for Windows10! Please assist! Regards

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