Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award [MVP]

I was truly honoured to receive an email today telling me that I had been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award in Enterprise Mobility.


It’s something I didn’t set out to achieve when I started the SCCMentor blog four years ago, but over that time I have helped in the community, become involved in a cool usergroup (WMUG), done some public speaking, got to know fellow ConfigMgr experts and peers and learnt a hell of a lot.

ConfigMgr is an amazing product which I still feel I know nothing or little about, so much learnt and lots more to learn, and that’s why it’s a great product, it keeps you on your toes learning more and more each day. So I’m truly humbled to receive this accolade.

I have a busy home life, a wife, four busy, active children and we also care for my brother in law, who has Downs Syndrome, so to find the time to do all the community things alongside that can be hard. So for me this is a big achievement.

Thanks to all those who supported me over the last four years and to those that took time out, this year, to put me forward for the MVP title and, more importantly, thanks to Sheila, Joseph, Miles, James, Beth and Paul for putting up with me taking time out to do this SCCM thing.



  1. before even talking Microsoft stuff, I am truly amazed that you find will and inspiration to take time on this blog : as a father of twins, and you having four childrens plus taking care of your brother in law , I am dazzled !

    I am sure that you will agree that family is by far the most important thing in our lives and comes before our passion of IT, which is our second “family”

    and you seem to have excelled in both, and had an award !

    Congrats Paul,
    Take care

      1. Working in a fancy bank, looking after those endpoints! No SCCM yet, but have submitted WDS/MDT plus other stuff in my initial proposal.

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