Deploy Microsoft store apps via Intune

Intune makes life easy for the enterprise desktop admin. We can very quickly deploy apps via the Microsoft store. Here’s a quick guide to show you how.

Deploy a Microsoft store app

In the Azure portal locate Intune, select Mobile apps.

2018-05-13 21_50_05-Window.jpg

Choose Apps and then click Add.

2018-05-13 21_50_59-Window.jpg

From the Add type drop down we need to select Windows from the Store app section.

2018-05-13 21_52_03-Window.jpg

Next, select Configure.

2018-05-13 21_53_13-Window.jpg

Now we need to add in app details, enter in the Name, Description, Publisher as you wish, this is mandatory information. Note that we need to an Appstore URL.

2018-05-14 10_34_25-.jpg

Open up Store on your Windows 10 device and search for the app you require. Click the next to the app and choose Share.

2018-05-13 22_08_08-Window.jpg

Click the Copy link icon to copy the URL for

2018-05-13 22_08_53-Window.jpg

Paste the URL into a web browser, this will convert the URL from the store into one you can use with the Intune app.

2018-05-14 10_30_11-Get Twitter - Microsoft Store en-GB.jpg

Copy the URL from the browser into the Appstore URL field. Complete the app configuration as required. Click OK to complete.

2018-05-14 10_31_46-Window.jpg

Click Add.

2018-05-14 10_40_42-Inbox - - Outlook.jpg

Next, we need to create a group to deploy the app to. At the root of the Intune blades, choose Groups.

2018-05-14 10_58_28-Dashboard - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Click New group.

2018-05-14 10_59_15-All groups - Microsoft Azure.jpg

For Group type choose Security, enter a Group name and, for this example, I have chosen Membership type Assigned. Click the Members link to continue.

2018-05-14 11_41_51-Group - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Choose the Members for the group and click Select.

2018-05-14 11_42_11-Members - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Click Create to complete the creation of the group.

2018-05-14 11_02_50-Group - Microsoft Azure.jpg

We need to assign the app to our group. Head back to Microsoft Intune>Mobile apps>Apps. Select your app and choose the Assignments link.

2018-05-14 10_41_24-Twitter - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Select Add group.

2018-05-14 11_05_01-Assign - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Now choose Available for enrolled devices from the Assignment type drop down and then click Included Groups.

2018-05-14 11_11_31-.jpg

Click Select groups to include.

2018-05-14 11_12_30-Assign - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Choose the relevant group and click Select. Click OK twice.

2018-05-14 12_00_20-.jpg

Save the assignment.

2018-05-14 11_45_32-MS + Expenses and Chronos - - Outlook.jpg

When your device next sync you will be able to install the application you have deployed.

2018-05-14 12_05_15-Win10-AAD on PC-SSD - Virtual Machine Connection.jpg

2018-05-14 12_07_28-Win10-AAD on PC-SSD - Virtual Machine Connection.jpg



  1. This doesn’t deploy the app to the device. This only makes it available for the end user to install on their device.

  2. You’ve gotta be kidding me!!! Why is it that you can search for apps from the Apps Store in Apple but you can’t search for Microsoft Apps from the Microsoft Store?!?!?!?! That’s crazy and hopefully gets fixed in a later release.

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