This blog post really is a note to self.

I started the SCCMentor blog over five years ago to store all those weird and wonderful issues that I would come across and battle on a day to day basis. A place to refer back to if the problem cropped up again.

Over the years the blog has morphed and become more than that, but every now and then I like to add in a little snippet that will help others with that battle.

I wish I had added this one earlier, since I came up with the problem on customer site the other day, and I knew I had seen it before but just couldn’t remember the fix.

Luckily I had answered a forum post a few months before. So, I thought it was time to jot this one down and promote, in case I encounter it again in the near future.

The symptoms are that a Windows 10 build completes and then gets stuck in a loop, displaying the message Why did my PC restart?. You are presented with a Next button and after clicking it comes back to the same error.


The problem occurs due to the following group policy being set and impacts Windows 10 1703 and above.

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\App runtime\Block launching Windows Store apps with Windows Runtime API access from hosted content.

You should set the Enabled policy to Not Configured as a workaround.

Microsoft recently posted a support article on the problem Event 5963 and a “Block launching Windows Store apps with Windows Runtime API access from hosted content” error prevents an OOBE deployment in Windows 10 and it looks like the issue will be addressed with future releases of Win 10.

For reference, here is the TechNet forum post I answered, which steered me towards fixing the problem on the day.

** Thanks to Niall Brady at for use of the Why Did My PC Restart? image. **