Tenant Attach – Technical Preview 2010.2 – New Application actions

Technical Preview 2010.2 dropped on the 30.10.2020 and with it came some new application actions via Tenant Attach. These features allow you to repair, re-evaluate, reinstall and uninstall an application.

If you don’t have Tenant Attach up and running yet, follow my blog here. The pre-reqs for the application feature are in this blog.

To take advantage of the new actions make sure your devices are running the latest ConfigMgr client delivered with this Technical Preview then take note of the following:

  • For uninstalls:
    • Make sure the application has an uninstall deployment in your ConfigMgr console.
    • The devices can’t be targeted for the uninstall – since uninstalls are required. My advice is that you create an empty collection and targeted to that.
    • The application must be installed on the device for this action to work.
  • For repairs:
    • Ensure that the repair command is defined in the application’s configuration in the ConfigMgr console.
    • The application must be installed on the device for this action to work.

Checking out the new actions

In the ConfigMgr console, go to \Assets and Compliance\Overview\Devices and right click a device which has been uploaded via the Tenant Attach process.

Select Start\Admin Center Preview.

Authenticate with the account which has been assigned the access as an admin user.

When the Admin Center loads up highlighting the particular device you selected in the ConfigMgr console, click Applications. Select an application which is currently installed. You’ll see the new actions listed against the app.

As an example, a click on the Uninstall link will trigger an uninstall of the application on the selected device.

Since this is using the BGB channel, it is super fast.

This is a great addition to an already super cool feature.

Take a note of the known issue from the MS docs: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/get-started/2020/technical-preview-2010-2#known-issues

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