Collect Client Logs files Remotely in ConfigMgr

The ability to collect client logs files from a remote device has been around since ConfigMgr 2002 but, unless you are keeping a close eye on changes to CM, it can be one of those things you wouldn’t notice is there.

This feature is such a welcome addition, a real time saver and helps you, as the admin, get those log files in no time at all.

How is it achieved? It’s super simple.


As mentioned, you’ll need to running ConfigMgr 2002 but also you need Notify resource permission on the collection the device is in. Full admins and Infrastructure Administrators have this by default.

How to collect the log files

In the ConfigMgr console, find the device you want to collect the log files from, right-click and choose Client Diagnostics\Collect Client Logs files.

You’ll get a prompt that the logs will be collected as soon as possible. Click OK.

On the client device, you’ll find a log file in the windows\CCM\logs folder, diagnostics.log, which records the log collection attempt.

On the site server, you will see an entry in the Sinvproc.log for the SIC being process. Note the location, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\ is the inbox location where the logs will be copied to.

On the Management Point, processing the file collection, you can find more information in the MP_SinvCollFile.log.

Note that the diagnostics.log and MP_SinvCollFile.log did not exist prior to running the log collection process.

On the site server, in the ConfigMgr inboxes folder, navigate to and there will be a folder called FileCol. This is the location where the collected logs will reside.

The files are copied to a folder which is named after the Resource ID of the computer. You can check the Resource ID by right-clicking a device and going into the Properties.

Or you can turn on the Resource ID column in the console by right-clicking the column headings and adding in the column Resource ID.

Inside the folder is a zip file, extract this and you will find all the client logs from the device. You will need to drill down a few folders as there are client install logs as well as the operational logs.

A simple but extremely useful feature in ConfigMgr.


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