Publishing an App-V package outside of SCCM

You might want to deploy your App-V package outside of SCCM to test prior to the big push. Let’s face it it’s always wise to test your MSI deployment prior to creating a SCCM application so why not test your virtual app as well.

It’s very simple to do this with two commands. First copy down your App-V files from the sequencer to your testing machine.

Run PowerShell as an administrator and change directory to the folder where the package resides.

Type in the command Add-AppvClientPackage  .\<location of .appv file>



Next publish the package. Take a note of the package and version ID’s returned in the Add-AppvClientPackage step as these will be used here.

Type in the command Publish-AppvClientPackage press enter.

When prompted enter the PackageID and Version ID



The package will appear in the App-V console.



Launch the package to test



To remove the package run the Unpublish-AppvClientPackage command and enter the PackageID and Version ID.



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