Using the SCCM 2012 Application Model to remove CMTrace

Garth Jones, ECM MVP and general ConfigMgr guru, wrote an excellent piece recently on pushing out the CMTrace log viewer via the SCCM application model.

To take full advantage of the SCCM 2012 application model I thought it would be good to embellish the piece with details on how to configure the uninstall aspect of the deployment.

It’s very simple to implement and gives you full control on install/uninstall of the log viewer. The only question that really needs to be asked is ‘Why would you want to remove CMTrace?’ Hmmm no answer for that one I’m afraid as it’s such an invaluable tool.

If you haven’t created your CMTrace application then follow the link to Garth’s article and create your deployment.

To add the uninstall simply create a batch file called CMTrace_Uninstall.bat in the source location (If following Garth’s post then this would compliment step 5).

In the batch file enter the following command:

del “%windir%\system32\CMTrace.exe” /q

When creating the deployment take note of step 12 in Garth’s article. In the wizard there is an option to add in a uninstall program. Simply click ‘Browse’ and select the CMTrace_Uninstall.bat


Now you have complete control of the application within your environment.

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