Whilst trying to rebuild a device via OSD I noticed that the advertised Task Sequence was not showing up my list of available Task Sequences.

I’m attempting to deploy a Windows 7 TS to my device which is in the Build collection.


But as mentioned the Task Sequence is not showing up as available.


I checked the deployment to ensure that it was advertised to PXE clients and it was.


So it was time to crack open the smsts.log to gather further information. In the log was the following information ‘Skipping Task Sequence CMR0002E because it’s not active yet’


Hmm. Quick check of my Task Sequence Package ID and, yep it matches.


So why is it skipping? Seems that with SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 I need to set the option ‘Schedule when this deployment will become available’ in my Task Sequence deployment Scheduling settings from today…


..to a date in the past, say yesterday.


Now when I start the build I can see the Task Sequence.