Uninstall ConfigMgr Primary Site Server

Here’s a simple step-by-step blog post that outline the steps needed to uninstall a primary site server. Note that this is just a primary server, no CAS or secondary servers involved here.

In my AD I currently have two sites. I will be expecting the uninstall to remove the SCM instance from the System Management container.


To get started head over to uninstall a program in Control Panel. Select the ‘System Center Configuration Manager Primary Site Setup’ and click ‘Uninstall/Change’


The familiar ConfigMgr install wizard will appear. Click Next.


Now select ‘Uninstall this Configuration Manager site’ and click Next.


At this stage, I have a choice of keeping the primary database or consoles on the system. I will remove them so therefore I leave the boxes unchecked. Click Next.


Now I am prompted to confirm that I wish to remove the site. Click Yes


The removal of the site begins


Once the uninstall is complete click Close.


You can monitor the uninstall via the ConfigMgrSetup.log in the root of your system drive.


A quick check of the AD System Management container confirms that the uninstall has performed its tidy up. If anything had been left in there you can simply delete.


If you are running a site with multiple ConfigMgr site system servers then I recommend you remove these first prior to running the uninstall process.

One comment

  1. Hi there,

    Do you have a tool to ‘scrub’ for SCCM. It’s left the ‘CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE’ service after uninstalling SCCM 1702.

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