Something Wicked This Way Comes

Technical Preview 1609 has just been released. If you run an update in your TP Updates and Servicing node it should be available to you.


All being good, payload 49d84b0f-4f33-4cef-9b8a-83ef526c9ce8 should make its way down to you. Check the DMPDownloader.log for all the info.


Keep an eye on Microsoft’s Technical Preview for System Center Configuration Manager page at for all the capabilities that are being added to this release, along with an archival table of capabilities added per TP and when released into Current Branch.

There’s going to be some awesome features added to 1609 such as improvements for BIOS to UEFI conversion, Boundary Group enhancements and a new  SMSTSSoftwareUpdateScanTimeout variable to improve Software Updates in your TS.

More soon.

…and here’s the details from MS

and if you need to know how to update here’s a quick step-by-step.

Once the payload is down the Updates and Servicing node marks the update as Available. Right click and Install Update Pack


Get ready to update, click Next.


Of course I’m going to install all the features. Doh!


I’m installing this on a brand new TP site so I’m just going to go and update without validating.


Accept the licence stuff.


Click Next at the Summary screen and then Close


Now the TP update is marked as Installing


Pre-reqs are checked. If they fail then check the C:\ConfigMgrPrereq.log file for the reason why.


Keep an eye on your CMUpdate.log which will give you all the bumpf about the update process.


Lookey here. I’m prompted to update the console. All is looking good. Click OK.


Welcome to update 1609


Version number for the record.


Happy days! Time to play.

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