You can use Intune to upgrade your Windows 10 devices to another edition, so long as you have valid product key and your device is enrolled in Intune.

Microsoft has a list of all the supported upgrade paths in their documentation here.

In this example, I am going to upgrade from Windows 10 Pro to the Education edition.

We kick start the process with a quick check of the Windows 10 edition, yep it’s Win 10 Pro.

2018-03-14 01_04_33-Win10-AP Test on PC-SSD - Virtual Machine Connection.jpg

In the Azure Portal, go to Microsoft Intune>Device Configuration>Profiles. Click Create Profile.

2018-03-14 01_05_18-Device Configuration Profiles - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Add a description Name for the profile, for Platform choose Windows 10 and later, ProfileEdition Upgrade and then click Settings. Choose an Edition to upgrade to, I have entered Windows 10 Education and then enter the relevant Product Key. Click OK.

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To confirm creation of the profile, click Create.

2018-03-14 01_07_02-Sent Items - - Outlook.jpg

The profile needs to be assigned, if you don’t have a group of devices to target then go to Microsoft Intune>Users and groups>All Groups and create a New Group.

2018-03-14 08_50_53-All groups - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Choose Group typeSecurity, enter a Group name, and choose the relevant Membership type – I have selected Assigned for this example. Click the Membership type option and add in any devices that you wish to target for the edition upgrade.

2018-03-14 08_51_50-Group - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Click Create when complete.

2018-03-14 01_09_28-Members - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Return to the device profile created earlier (Microsoft Intune>Device Configuration>Profiles). Select the profile you created and click Assignments.

Choose to Include and Assign toSelected Groups. Click Select groups to include.

2018-03-14 09_00_39-Win10-AP Test on PC-SSD - Virtual Machine Connection.jpg

Select the device group created previously.

2018-03-14 01_12_09-Sent Items - - Outlook.jpg

Once assigned your device will soon upgrade its edition to the one you have selected in the Upgrade profile.

2018-03-14 08_29_44-Win10-AP Test on PC-SSD - Virtual Machine Connection.jpg