Upgrading your Windows 10 edition using Intune

You can use Intune to upgrade your Windows 10 devices to another edition, so long as you have valid product key and your device is enrolled in Intune.

Microsoft has a list of all the supported upgrade paths in their documentation here.

In this example, I am going to upgrade from Windows 10 Pro to the Education edition.

We kick start the process with a quick check of the Windows 10 edition, yep it’s Win 10 Pro.

2018-03-14 01_04_33-Win10-AP Test on PC-SSD - Virtual Machine Connection.jpg

In the Azure Portal, go to Microsoft Intune>Device Configuration>Profiles. Click Create Profile.

2018-03-14 01_05_18-Device Configuration Profiles - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Add a description Name for the profile, for Platform choose Windows 10 and later, ProfileEdition Upgrade and then click Settings. Choose an Edition to upgrade to, I have entered Windows 10 Education and then enter the relevant Product Key. Click OK.

2018-03-14 01_06_29-Sent Items - paul.winstanley@sccmsolutions.co.uk - Outlook.jpg

To confirm creation of the profile, click Create.

2018-03-14 01_07_02-Sent Items - paul.winstanley@sccmsolutions.co.uk - Outlook.jpg

The profile needs to be assigned, if you don’t have a group of devices to target then go to Microsoft Intune>Users and groups>All Groups and create a New Group.

2018-03-14 08_50_53-All groups - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Choose Group typeSecurity, enter a Group name, and choose the relevant Membership type – I have selected Assigned for this example. Click the Membership type option and add in any devices that you wish to target for the edition upgrade.

2018-03-14 08_51_50-Group - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Click Create when complete.

2018-03-14 01_09_28-Members - Microsoft Azure.jpg

Return to the device profile created earlier (Microsoft Intune>Device Configuration>Profiles). Select the profile you created and click Assignments.

Choose to Include and Assign toSelected Groups. Click Select groups to include.

2018-03-14 09_00_39-Win10-AP Test on PC-SSD - Virtual Machine Connection.jpg

Select the device group created previously.

2018-03-14 01_12_09-Sent Items - paul.winstanley@sccmsolutions.co.uk - Outlook.jpg

Once assigned your device will soon upgrade its edition to the one you have selected in the Upgrade profile.

2018-03-14 08_29_44-Win10-AP Test on PC-SSD - Virtual Machine Connection.jpg

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