Disable the set Microsoft Edge as default PDF reader nag via Intune

Here’s one of those quick win tips. You’ve got Adobe Reader set up as the default for PDF file association but Microsoft Edge keep bleating on about setting itself as the default with a prompt in the Infobar.

Since Edge version 93, you can now set a policy to disable this prompt via the ShowPDFDefaultRecommendationsEnabled setting take a look at the policy here.

That link tells you the GPO and registry settings required, but we can tap into the Intune Settings Catalog to configure this for our endpoints.

In Endpoint Manager Admin Center, go to Devices\Windows\Windows Devices\Configuration Profiles and click Create Profile. In the Create a profile view, choose Windows 10 and later from the Platform drop down, and from the Profile type choose Settings catalog (preview). Click Create when prompted.

Set a profile name and click Next. On the Configuration settings screen click + Add settings.

Do a search for the policy – Allow notifications to set Microsoft Edge as default PDF reader. Click the Microsoft Edge\Content settings entry in the Browse by category section and then select the policy via the results. You can set for device or user.

The policy will appear in the main window. Leave this set to Disabled and carry on through the wizard to assign and set any relevant scope tags.

Happy days!


  1. I’m struggling to find the answer to this one… How do you add Endpoint to a device that is already set up with an AAD join?

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