Case of the missing Azure AD info on co-managed devices

Quick win blog post time.

I noticed that some co-managed devices were not reporting back the Azure AD Device and Tenant ID information in the ConfigMgr console.

This information, for a device, is collected during a Heartbeat discovery. A quick check there and the setting was configured to its default setting of every 7 days. I changed the setting to run every day.

In the meantime, a run of the Discovery Data Collection Cycle action on a device will bring the data back into the console a bit quicker.

I hope this is of some use to you if you are in a similar situation.


  1. Should down-level devices like Windows Server 2012 R2, which have been Hybrid joined using the workplace join tool (autoworkplace.exe) show device IDs in the SCCM console? I have confirmed mine are in Azure AD, show a status of Hybrid Joined, and have a device ID.

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