If you read the original post https://sccmentor.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/unable-to-unpublish-app-v-5-apps-with-appdata-redirected/ you’ll note that SCCM 2012 is not able to unpublish applications when you redirect AppData using folder redirection.

Well the problem is not restricted to SCCM 2012. This is an App-V issue and the same behaviour occurs when you attempt to unpublish the package via PowerShell.

As discussed  I had to manually remove the package folder from the APPDATA\Roaming\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Catalogs\Package\{Package ID} folder.

I narrowed down that the account attempting to remove the folder was actually the local computer account. So if I need to unpublish packages for a batch of users I can achieve this by assigning Domain Computers access to the users home drives where the AppData folder now resides. Hmmm this can’t be right, but it gets me round the problem for now.

As an aside I downloaded the App-V SP2 beta client to test the folder redirection support of the latest client. It’s definitely working better to support applications that stored data in the Roaming\AppData folder, however it still won’t unpublish the packages unless I allow Domain Computer rights to the user home drives or AppData.

In the meantime I have logged this with the Microsoft App-V SP2 development team and am awaiting feedback on the issue.