Keep it Simple with Intune – #9 Manually enrolling a Windows 10 device into Intune

Here’s the latest in the Keep it Simple with Intune series. Part 9 shows you how to manually enroll a device into Intune. When enrolled, the device is registered with the organisation, which ensures that the user is authorised to access the organisations applications, email, etc and then policies are applied to the device based on what has been assigned.

I’m showing you how you can manually enroll a single device via the Settings app in Windows 10. Is really is very simple to do.

Start off by opening up the Settings app and clicking Accounts.


Now click the Access work or school option and click + Connect button.


Note the Join this device to Azure Active Directory link, click this.


Enter the work or school account which has the necessary licence assigned to be able to enrol a device in Intune and click Next. Details on the licences available for Intune is available here.


Now enter the password for the account and click Sign in.


You’ll be prompted to join the organisation so click the Join button.



Once the device is connected, you’ll be informed that You’re all Set! Click Done to complete.


Back in the Access work or school section of the Settings app, you’ll notice that you now have a Connected to section. You can click the Info button to see more information and to allow you to manually sync the device.


If you have policies applied and the Enrollment Status Page (ESP) deployed to your devices, you will have a We’re still setting up your account link in the Info section.


If you have set up the ESP for your Autopilot devices you’ll be familiar with it, but the ESP is not part of Autopilot as such, but targeted at any Intune device you enrol based on how you have assigned it to Users or Devices.


With the device enrol, you’ll see a new object in your Azure Active Directory.


So a fairly straightforward way to enrol devices into Intune.

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  1. Hey, I performed everything the exact same way but the thing “Setting up your device for Work” with a blue screen did not come up. Please help here 🙂
    If I choose and follow it this way–> “Join this device to Azure Active Directory” and then follow the rest of the on-screen steps. In the end I can Switch user and log into my PC with the Email id and Password I have.

    In both cases, I see my device in Intune Management Portal.

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