If you have followed my previous blog article for installing a remote SUP in SCCM 2012 R2 you may have noticed that I ran the install on Windows Server 2008. So what’s different when you want to install a remote SUP on Server 2012. Read on….

Install the WSUS Console on the site server

The easiest way to install the console is to use a PowerShell command.

Open PowerShell and run the following:

Install-WindowsFeature -Name UpdateServices, UpdateServices-Ui

Install Pre-Requisites on the remote SUP server

Connect to your remote server allocated for the WSUS role and load Server Manager. Choose Manage>Add Roles and Features. Click Next until presented with the Server Roles.


Select Web Server (II) and then click Add Features when prompted. Click Next.


Add in .Net 3.5 SP1 and .Net 4.5 features and click Next.


Click Next.


Accept the default IIS configuration and click Next.


Since the source files for .Net 3.5 SP1 are not installed on Server 2012, you will need to copy the folder SxS from the ‘Sources’ folder on your Windows Server 2012 media or mount the media in a drive. Once this is done click ‘Specify an alternative source path’ on the ‘Confirm Installations Options’ screen


Enter the path to the SxS folder and click Ok.


Click Install.


Once installation is complete click Close.


Install WSUS on the remote SUP server

Return to the Add/Remove Roles wizard and click through to the Server Roles section. Choose Window Server Update Services. Click the checkbox to select.


Click Add Features then click Next.


Click Next through the wizard to the Features Services section. If the Windows Internal Database is not being used by any other Windows components untick the check box to remove.


Choose Remove Features.


Click through to the Role Services section and select Database. Click Next.


Enter a location to store the WSUS downloads, either local or remote. In this instance I am using C:\WSUS. Click Next.


Enter the location to the WSUS DB. I am using the ConfigMgr db and the default instance so I can enter just the hostname in this field. Note that if you use the FQDN here it will fail to connect. Use only the hostname.


Check the connection prior and ensure successful connection. Click Next.


Click Install.


Once installation is complete click Close.


In the Server Manager menu bar click the warning triangle and click ‘Launch Post Installation Tasks’.


Installation will complete.


Now follow the ‘Installing a remote Software Update Point in SCCM 2012 R2‘ blog post from the section ‘Add site server as local admin on the remote SUP server’ onwards.

Check the SUP for successful installation in the SUPsetup.log in the SMS\logs folder on the remote server.


…and the connectivity from the site server in the WCM.log on the site server.remoteWSUS2012-21

WSyncManager.log shows a successful sync.


Monitoring in the SCCM Console confirms that the remote SUP is online.