Gerry Hampson – Packt ConfigMgr training series

I’ve been reviewing a new training video series for Packt Publishing that has been authored by my WMUG buddy and EMS MVP Gerry Hampson (@GerryHampson). 

The series is a great way of introducing the solution to anyone wanting to get started in Configuration Manager Current Branch, or to anyone who wants a refresh or sanity check on certain areas of the product.

Course 1 of the series is available to pre-order now from here

Gerry has kicked started work on Course 2 already and I will be assisting him again on this course.

Here are the details of the content in Course 1.

Course 1 – Introducing the Configuration Manager environment

Section 1. Planning the Configuration Manager environment
1.1 Configuration Manager overview
1.2 Configuration Manager site planning and network design

Section 2. Installing Configuration Manager
2.1 Configuration Manager Prerequisites
2.2 Installing Configuration Manager
2.3 Easy Setup

Section 3. Getting Started with Configuration Manager
3.1 Using the Configuration Manager console
3.2 Configuration Manager and PowerShell
3.3 Discovery and boundaries
3.4 Configuration Manager Client installation
3.5 Create and manage collections
3.6  Configuration Manager Compliance
3.7 Hardware and software inventory

Section 4. Security & Role-Based administration (RBA)
4.1 Configuration Manager security overview
4.2 Role-Based administration
4.3  Securing the Configuration Manager environment

Section 5. Configuration Manager reporting and site maintenance
5.1 Configuration Manager Reporting
5.2 Configuration Manager Backup, Recovery & Maintenance

Course 2 – Implementing Configuration Manager features

Section 6. Software Distribution

6.1 Applications
6.2 Packages

Section 7. Software Updates
7.1 Introduction to software updates in Configuration Manager
7.2 Deploy a software updates solution with Configuration Manager
7.3 Automatic Deployment rules

Section 8. Operating System Deployment
8.1 Introduction to Operating System Deployment in Configuration Manager
8.2 Build and Capture a Windows 10 image with Configuration Manager
8.3 Deploying a Windows 10 image with a Configuration Manager task sequence
8.4 Working with device drivers

Section 9. Endpoint Protection
9.1 Enabling Endpoint Protection with Configuration Manager
9.2 Endpoint Protection client configuration
9.3 Managing Endpoint Protection with Configuration Manager

Section 10. Intune hybrid
10.1 Integrating Intune into Configuration Manager
10.2 Managing mobile devices with Configuration Manager
10.3 Advanced hybrid features of Configuration Manager

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