Setting up Apple Business Manager – Part 1

I’m putting together a few blog posts which will assist anyone who has to set up Apple Business Manager to manage iOS or macOS devices in their company via Intune.

This guide gives an overview of the steps needed to get Apple Business Manager (ABM) and Intune integrated and if you want to dig further then I would direct you towards the Apple Business Manager guides which Apple provide and are available here.

When it comes to enrollment for Apple Business Manager, you must follow their guidelines on the programme requirements. You must provide details of someone within the business who has the legal authority to sign and bind your organisation to the terms and conditions of Apple Business Manager. They will be contacted by Apple during the verification process.

You must also provide a D-U-N-S number for the business. Each business is provided a D-U-N-S number and you can search for your companies via the lookup tool here.

Full details on the programme requirements are here.

With your pre-requisites in place you can enroll for Apple Business Manager. You will use an email account from your business, this will become a managed Apple ID. You do not use a personal Apple ID to do this. The enrollment page is at

Enter the Organization Name, D-U-N-S number, Phone number and business website.

Scroll down and enter the your details (you’ll be the administrator in the console) and the details of the person who is the verification contact (as discussed previously). Click Continue.

You’ll be informed that Your Enrollment is in Review. This can take up to 5 days to occur. The verification contact will receive a phone call from Apple to verify the business details and confirm that they have legal right to accept the Terms and Conditions for the company.

After receiving the call and Apple approve that you are able to use the ABM, you’ll receive an email to accept the Terms and Conditions. The link provided expires after 7 days so this needs to be done otherwise you’ll need to contact Apple again.

When verified the administrator will be emailed instructions for setting up ABM for the business.

Following the details provided by Apple, the administrator creates the Managed Apple ID.

The admin will receive an email to verify their identity and the code needs to be entered.

And a text will be sent to the phone number entered when creating the managed ID. Enter the code sent to verify.

ABM will begin setting up for the organisation.

The Terms and Conditions of Apple Business Managed need to be accepted.

The account will appear as an Administrator in ABM.

In the next part of the blog series, I’ll continuing show you how to start configuring ABM for use with Intune.

Part 2 is how to set up the Apple Push Certificate and is available here.

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