Deploying a MAM policy to an iOS app in hybrid Intune/ConfigMgr

This post is really a companion piece to a blog entry I wrote previously, ‘Deploying Microsoft Teams to iOS MDM devices via hybrid Intune/ConfigMgr‘.

The idea is to deploy an iOS app to a mobile device, however this time we will associate a Mobile Application Management (MAM) policy to the app.

MAM policies allow you to modify the app and align them with compliance and security policies that you may have set in your company.

Peter Daalmans has a nice blog post listing apps that are enabled for MAM

I’ll be deploying the Power BI app in this tutorial.

The process to create the app is identical to the one used in the Deploying Microsoft Teams to iOS MDM devices via hybrid Intune/ConfigMgr post.

Start off by getting the URL for the app in iTunes.

2017-03-22 00_37_21-Greenshot.jpg

Create your application in the ConfigMgr console with the ‘Type’ ‘App Package for iOS from App Store’ then paste in the URL to the ‘Location’ field. Complete the wizard to create the application.

2017-03-21 14_47_41-Create Application Wizard.jpg

Now we need to create the MBAM policy that we can associate with the deployment of the application.

In the ConfigMgr console navigate to the Software Library workspace and go to Application Management>Application Management Policies. Right click and click ‘Create Application Management Policy’

2017-03-21 14_08_39-Greenshot.jpg

Name the policy appropriately and click Next.


Choose the Platform ‘iOS’ and Policy Type ‘General’ and click Next.

2017-03-21 14_09_08-Create Application Management Policy Wizard.jpg

On the next screen, we are presented with a list of policies that can be applied to the deployment. I have left the defaults in place for this tutorial but take a look at the Microsoft TechNet documentation for an overview of the policies and their settings

2017-03-21 14_09_40-Create Application Management Policy Wizard.jpg

Click ‘Next’.

2017-03-21 14_09_43-Create Application Management Policy Wizard.jpg

Click ‘Close’ to complete the creation of the MAM policy.

2017-03-21 14_09_56-Create Application Management Policy Wizard.jpg

Now return to the application in the console, right click and select ‘Deploy’.

2017-03-21 14_48_56-Greenshot.jpg

The deployment of the application follows the process outlined in Deploying Microsoft Teams to iOS MDM devices via hybrid Intune/ConfigMgr  however this time you will have an extra step, ‘Application Management’. Here you can associate your deployment type with the MAM policy. Follow the wizard through to completion.

2017-03-21 14_51_43-Deploy Software Wizard.jpg

Sign in to the Company Portal on an iOS device targeted by the deployment. The application will appear in ‘All Apps’, Power BI in my case. Tap the app to install.


Tap the ‘Install’ button and complete the installation process.


Launch the app once it has installed.


You’ll instantly notice that the MAM policy is in effect when the following warning appears on the screen. Hit OK.


In my case, I was prompted to enter and confirm a pin to access the app.


and then I was up and running with a MAM enabled Power BI app on the iOS device.



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