Any Windows 10 Creators update device that is enrolled into Intune can be reset remotely from the Azure Portal using Fresh Start.

Resetting the device via Fresh Start results in applications and data on the device being removed, although there is an option to retain user data.

When Fresh Start is initiated, a device is unenrolled from Intune as part of the process, but remains Azure Active Directory joined.

For this post, I have decided to keep user data on the device, therefore I have created a blank txt file on the Desktop of my user.

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In the Azure Portal, navigate to Microsoft Intune>Devices>All Devices.

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Drill into the device you want to Fresh Start. Click the …More link and select Fresh Start.

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Decide whether to Retain user data on this device and then click OK.

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To check the status of the Fresh Start, Go to Microsoft Intune>Devices and select Device actions.

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You can monitor the status, as you can see the device has a Pending action.

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Back on the actual desktop, the Fresh Start action will begin its reset process.

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The device will then automatically be updated to the latest release of Windows 10.

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Once logged back in the user data should be restored, if you select to retain the data, along with a report of Removed Apps. The device will need to be re-enrolled in Intune.

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Running the Removed Apps report will list the apps removed from the device during the Fresh Start process.

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