Keep it Simple with Intune – #1 Enable password reset for users

This blog post is the start of a series of Intune tips and tricks. Quick and simple hints to assist you with your Intune configuration if you are just starting off on your journey to the cloud.

I call the series Keep it Simple with Intune and I’ll be posting more of these over the coming days and weeks. Enjoy!

Today’s tip shows you how to enable password reset for your Azure AD users.

If you are attempting login, maybe setting up your device via Autopilot but can’t remember the password you’ll be presented with a handy link to reset it now.


If you don’t have password reset enabled for your users then you will get the following message.


To enable password reset, head over to your Azure portal, go to Intune>Users>Password Reset>Properties. Here you can choose None, Selected and All. Choosing Selected will allow you define a group of users to apply the password self servicing to.  I’m going to select All for my tenant. Click Save to confirm your selection.


Ensure that the user accounts you wish to set up for password reset have a telephone number associated with their user account in Intune>Users>Select User\s>Profile.


Now when attempting to password reset your user will be presented with a screen where they can be contacted via their mobile phone details to reset the password.


After entering their phone number, the user will be sent a verification code and this is then entered accordingly.


A successful verification will allow the user to reset the password.



Look out for more in the Keep it Simple with Intune series coming soon.


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