Keep it Simple with Intune – #13 Uninstalling Microsoft Edge Beta

Part 13 of the Keep it Simple with Intune series is a companion piece to Part 7 Deploying the Edge Browser & Part 12 Deploying Microsoft Edge Stable via the MEM Admin Center

In Part 7, I showed you how to deploy out the Edge Beta browser and, in Part 12, how to deploy the Stable release. You can run these channels side by side on devices without a problem but what if you were testing the Beta release on your user’s devices and now want to remove this now that you have the Stable version out there?

Well with Intune it really is a piece of cake. Here’s how.

In the MEM Admin Center

In the MEM admin center,  select Apps\All apps. Next click the Microsoft Edge application you wish to uninstall. I should have thought ahead here a little and named my Edge apps to correspond to the channel release. However a quick check and I can see that the top of the two Microsoft Edge apps is my Beta channel release.

Next up we need to click the Edit link next to Assignments.

Since we have a deployment already in place we need to remove this by clicking the three dots and then Delete.

With that deployment removed, we can then scroll down to the Uninstall section and click Add group.

I have targeted the same group of devices which I deployed out Edge to in the first place. When you are happy with your configuration click Review + save.

You can now double check your changes and when ready, click Save.

You will see that the Assignment now reports as Uninstall.

On the endpoints

When the devices sync you’ll see notifications to tell you that Edge is being uninstalled.

Because the Edge application is being deployed out as a Win32App. You can use the IntuneManagementExtension.log file to see the progress of the installation and this log can be used for troubleshooting any problems. The file is located in the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs folder.

Super simple and effective.

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